237130_A2_WK7_Task#3_Contextual Understanding

When going through these tasks and ongoing research about my assignment 2 for Communication in Creavite Cultures, the key ideas I think about are how are selfies seen in today’s world compared to when self-portraits first were established in the 15th Century? How does the does the individual feel in society through a self-portrait? How has technology played a part in changing the standards in self-portraiture?

In my essay I will base my arguments of Mirzoeff, Nicholas “How to see the World”, focusing on his chapters “Introduction” and “How to see yourself”. Other readings I will argue my point with will come from the ‘Book of readings’ and I’ll look closely at:
Sturken, Marita, and Lisa Cartwright. “Images, Power and Politics”. Practise of looking : An Introduction To Visual Culture.: New York : Oxford University Press, 2009. 9-48. Prints
Annals, Alison, Abby Cunnane, and Sam Cunname. “Working with Images and Ideas. “Saying What You See: How To Write and Talk about Art. North Shore, N.Z.: Pearson Ed. N.Z., 2009. 15-39. Print
Wallace, Andrew, Tony Schirato, and Phillippa Bright. “Critical Thinking.” Beginning University: Thinking, Researching and Writing for Success. St Leonards, N.S.W .:Allen & Unwin, 1999. 45-61 . Print.

I will also be looking at articles online that have discussed the topic issue of ‘what is the difference between a self-portrait and a selfie?’



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